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Obama: Religious freedom a U.S. diplomatic priority

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President Obama tells a non-denominational gathering of political leaders that freedom of religion across the world is important to national security and is a central tenet of U.S. diplomacy. Obama says that message is not always easy to deliver. He says he has told leaders in China, Burma and Nigeria that they must do more to respect human rights, particularly religious freedom.
The Blade

Science, Religion, and Compartmentalisation
People compartmentalise their beliefs all the time. That’s particularly true of religious beliefs in modern society. Over the centuries, science has steamrolled religion. Faith has fervor, but science has evidence, technical power, and progress on its side. So religion has retreated to the margins. Today, if you’re a serious scientist, you can still believe in God. But you have to consign Him to the spaces unclaimed by science. You have to compartmentalise.

My Experience With a “Leap of Faith”
In a conversation with a friend with whom I correspond via the internet, I wrote him a while ago that I am trying to figure out who was the man that Christianity calls Jesus Christ. I told him that after the hundredth proof found in a book ‘The Magdalene Legacy by Laurence Gardner’ I could finally put together all the facts concerning who this man was. What this author wrote in his book is confirmed by various other sources such as those Qumran scrolls which were not in the hands of the Vatican translators as well as the Nag Hammadi scrolls and of course some gnostic works that I’ve read.
Humans Are Free

‘Religion has to grow beyond language, caste’
Adichunchanagiri mutt seer Nirmalanandanath regretted that India has lost a lot of its geographical locations and strength of awareness due to forgetting our culture and tradition. Referring to Combodia, he said though the country is small in size, it has a number of Hindu temples. But none of sanctum sanatoriums of the temple has the Hindu idols. The country is now filled with Buddhists and Hinduism no more exists in that country, he said.
Deccan Herald

Sikhs want Cameron to apologise for plotting Golden Temple attack
Revelations that Margaret Thatcher’s Government was actively consulted ahead of the Indian Army’s June 1984 assault on Sikhism’s holiest shrine has predictably provoked vehement indignation in Punjab. Several leaders including Punjab’s chief minister and the Jathedar or chief priest of the Akal Takht, the highest religious and temporal seat of the Sikh Community, demanded an unconditional and befitting gesture of apology from the incumbent British Government.
India Today



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