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An elegy for the Narmada and the civilisation that grew along its banks

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The notion of a parikrama as a small journey that may encompass larger truths lies at the heart of Hartosh Singh Bal’s book Waters Close Over Us. Bal travels along the Narmada, tracing the river’s sacred geography through history, reflecting on the streams of thought that have grown along its banks. His musings dwell on Advaita philosophy (Sankara’s legendary debate with the Mimamsa school is believed to have taken place at Mahishmati in the Narmada valley 1200 years ago), 19th century Quaker missionary debates in Hoshangabad, as well as contemporary controversies over large dams and development. Bal is as much a time traveller as a man driving along the river in a car.
The Hindu

A Non-Violent, Vegetarian Atheism
The name on my passport is Madhu Sethi Jain. I chose not to let go of my maiden name (quite an anachronism that word, maiden) when I got married. Inevitably—well, almost always—the immigration official looks perplexed when he sees my name each time I fly in or out of Delhi. Many of the officials can’t resist asking how a Sethi married a Jain.

7 Signs Spiritual Materialism is Ruining Everything
Overuse of the phrases “I’m spiritual but not religious” and/or “I’m an atheist, but I’m spiritual” have become so dogmatic that you can almost pinpoint who’s going to say it, usually right after someone rolls their eyes about your expensive yoga studio membership.

Buddhists, Catholics join hands
A Buddhist group has provided cash and shelter materials to badly damaged Catholic churches in this province and grateful parishioners see Buddhist characters on the tents when they hear mass, church officials said. Msgr. Alex Opiniano of the Santo Nino Church said Tzu Chi, a Taiwan-based Buddhist group, provided prefabricated tents in the courtyard for churchgoers while the church underwent construction work, and the mass appear like an inter-faith service.
Manila Standard Today

Spirituality and Surfing
Twelve years after he left Walden Pond in the spring of 1859 Henry David Thoreau wrote, “launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment.” Last week giant, long-period Pacific Ocean swells and wave riders from around the world converged on Northern California for the Mavericks Invitational big wave surf contest. South African Grant “Twiggy” Baker mastered his fears of these dangerously large waves and won the contest for a second time. Eternity is not too far from any of the competitors’ minds. Two of the world’s best surfers lost their lives at this surf break.
Huffington Post

Atheist Author Sam Harris to Publish Guide to ‘Spirituality Without Religion’
The religious critic, who is famous for his previous books, The End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation, refers to the growing number of people in America who do not identify with a religious faith, though the exact number is up for debate.
Christian Post



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