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Pope Francis in Rolling Stone: The Times They Are A-Changin’

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Up close, Pope Francis, the 266th vicar of Jesus Christ on Earth, a man whose obvious humility, empathy and, above all, devotion to the economically disenfranchised has come to feel perfectly suited to our times, looks stouter than on television. Having famously dispensed with the more flamboyant pontifical accessories, he’s also surprisingly stylish, today wearing a double-breasted white overcoat, white scarf and slightly creamier cassock, all impeccably tailored.
Rolling Stone

A Year Without God? Affirming Atheism, Praying Anyway
In the three months since my coming out as a gay transgender man caused an unwanted public breach with my Christian employer, many around me ask why I am still a Christian, and some closest to me have lost their own faith. How or why can anyone believe in a loving God, a sentient Creator with intention and purpose, when people suffer as they do? This is no abstract debate but a life-and-death question for me as a survivor of repeated sexual assault and multiple forms of violence. Far worse, I live with decades of memories of helplessly witnessing loved ones closest to me suffer egregious acts of domestic violence. But in my own life, human brutality turned me to, rather than away from, God.
Huffington Post

If Muslims are divided Modi will form next govt: Azam Khan
Asking the Muslim community to remain united to prevent Narendra Modi from becoming Prime Minister, Uttar Pradesh Minister Mohd Azam Khan today said a big conspiracy was going on to divide Muslims. “There is a big conspiracy going on to divide Muslims… If you are divided, Narndra Modi will form the next government (at the Centre). We all have to remain united,” Khan said while addressing a conference of madarsa managers and principals here.
First Post

Some parties are projecting Modi as ‘anti-Muslim’, says Ramdev
Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Monday attacked the political parties for projecting Narendra Modi as an “enemy” of Muslims and claimed that under his leadership both majority and minority communities will progress. “Some political parties, which have been using Muslims as a vote-bank, are trying to confuse the community by projecting him (Modi) as their enemy. These parties are spreading the word that Muslims will face injustice (if Modi becomes the Prime Minister),” Ramdev said.
IBN Live

Faith Swap: Christian and atheist exchange lives for one month
Ever wondered how the other half live? Premier Christian Radio has organised a unique experiment that allows two friends to find out just that; an atheist and a Christian have swapped their religious daily commitments for a month. This January, comedians Simon Capes and Bentley Browning have given up their respective belief systems in favour of the other’s, in the hopes of coming to understand one another’s views more fully. Browning, a committed Christian, has abstained from prayer and stopped going to church, while Capes, a self-confessed single-minded atheist, has been taking part in what he calls “the rituals of Christianity”
Christian Today

Spirituality at Work: expressing our beliefs without stepping over boundaries
Three years ago I had the pleasure of being interviewed on Soul Shift, a show on radio station Joy 94.9.   I was asked to share my views on how we can express ourselves spirituality in the workplace without stepping over boundaries or inappropriately preaching to our colleagues.  Preparing for a recent interview on the ABC about an altogether different topic – having fun at the work Christmas party without damaging your career, I came across the notes I had prepared for the Soul Shift interview.  Given how often I am asked similar questions I thought I would share the notes with you here.
Karen Gately


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