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Faith gives perspective on financial problems, Pope tells world economic leaders

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In a message to the international leaders gathering in Davos, Switzerland, for the 44th World Economic Forum, Pope Francis has urged that economic policy decisions should be made “taking into account the dignity of every human person and the common good.” The Pope’s message expresses the hope that the Davos meeting will allow for “deeper reflection on the causes of the economic crisis” that still grips he world. Pope Francis writes that the world has seen enormous economic gains, and a substantial reduction of poverty, but these positive results have been marred by “widespread social exclusion,” and most of the world’s people still live with insecurity.
Catholic Culture

Spiritual Things To Do In Morning
When you see the elders doing Puja early in the morning, you tend to question why they are doing it after getting up. What you do after you get up every morning is very critical. Doing good things will help have a good day ahead. Most of the people get up angry over the loud alarm, shouting at the spouse or dreading over the horrifying dream. We can’t prevent the bad days, but can set our mood in the morning so as to make up for it. Here are a few spiritual things that you must do very morning.
Bold Sky

The Religious Counterculture: An Open Letter to Religious Liberals
A high school teacher of mine used to entertain his classes by rattling off lists of oxymorons: pretty ugly, jumbo shrimp, constant variable. Sometimes he would take the opportunity to editorialize a little: military intelligence, airplane food, liberal religion. Everybody would smirk and the class would go on. The joke, of course, was that liberal religion couldn’t really exist because liberals are not religious and religious people are definitely not liberal. As if everybody knows there’s an inverse correlation between religiosity and liberalism: the more liberal you are, the less religious you are… to the vanishing point. I was told recently (not as a joke) about a synagogue here in New York that’s so liberal that no one ever goes.
Huffington Post

My Story – My journey with faith
I don’t consider myself to be a very scholarly person who has read hundreds of books or is an authority on religion in anyway. But I would like to share with you the story of my faith and my battle between a conscious reality and a common inherited belief. The transformation of my beliefs was not something that took place within a day, or through a single event, but through a few years of soul searching and a multitude of events.  I find, that faith is not something that can just be acquired or gained, but developed through one’s experiences, through the passion to seek and question, and most of all through prayers.
Ahmadiyya Times

Program to integrate psychiatry and spirituality
A client is severely depressed, and her despair quickly incapacitates her. A therapist discovers she had an abortion when she was young and because of her faith, feels rejected and abandoned by God. Another patient has strong faith and lives with bi-polar disorder. He stops taking his medication when a friend points out that he wouldn’t need it if he was more devout.
Herald Tribune

Mystics and Manics
Again and again the various athletes said that they were willing to get injured or even die in the pursuit of their dreams of experiencing something breathtaking and boundary breaking. The logic of these sports is to do things that have never been done before.
Fort McMurray Today

My Religion Is Better Than Yours
It is seemingly time for religious bigotry, hatred and violence once again. Referring to this odious tendency in human behaviour, Gadadhara Pandit Dasa, Hindu Chaplain, Columbia University and New York University said recently in the Huffington Post: ” I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely tired of encountering this attitude. Most people who make such statements don’t have deep knowledge or set of experiences within their own tradition, what to speak of other people’s traditions. I am confident that if we made even a little bit of an endeavour to understand another’s faith, it could make all the difference in the world”.
Sri Lanka Guardian



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