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Indian Muslims do not need special treatment

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Change has come to India. The great democracy is undergoing an unprecedented churning and a new political narrative is emerging. Pundits agree that the emergence of “common man” has shaken the old, ossified power structures to the core and cynical, old politics and politicians are being forced to embrace the new grammar of change. Yes, change. Change is the buzzword. For some though, the more things change the more they remain the same. For once, I agree with Narendra Modi. Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde’s concern over the victimization of Muslims and his warning to state governments against the targeting of Muslim youths is nothing but a “brazen and callous attempt to woo the minority community.”
Arab News

Officials In Laos Tell Christians To Renounce Faith In Jesus Christ Or Be Deported
Imagine being told that if you did not give up your faith in Jesus Christ that you would be forced out of your town and lose all of your property. That is precisely what a group of Christian families in three villages in the nation of Laos were told by their government officials after it was discovered that they were meeting regularly for home Bible study and worship.
Beginning and End

What is Paganism? Part I: The Basics: Religion, Spirituality, and Stories
I was recently involved in an intense discussion arising over an article linked from The Wild Hunt. The article complained about a friend’s statement describing Paganism to an interfaith audience, and I responded by defending him. After that the discussion took off in the direction of “Who is a Pagan and how do we know?” I continued until, in my judgment, we were getting too testy. Best to stop.

The Spirituality of Writing
My spirituality as I define it is intimately connected with my writing–even more so now that I’ve been exploring my writing purpose more intently–and drives it in a way that makes it more meaningful and satisfying. And I’ve seen the spirituality/essence/core of other writers too. At Saturday’s goal setting workshop, Shari Caudron connected writing and spirituality without hesitation and without apology. I could see it and feel it from her and it enriched my workshop experience even more.
Denise Vega

Religion Destroying Alliance
One religion demands to manage the Dining hall. Sausages and bacon cannot be served. Utensils should only be used for food approved by that religion. Meals must be prepared in the prescribed manner, by approved staff and served in accordance to the religious calendar. Another religion wants to control the routine of the school. To determine days and times learning, exams and sports can be held; when the day starts, what can or cannot be done and when and how the school should worship. Another desires to determine the running of the chapel by deciding who can lead, preach, or pray. Women should not be allowed near the front or even to stand in chapel. The traditionalists even claim that circumcised boys should not be instructed by women.
All Africa

Nigeria’s religious leaders welcome controversial anti-gay law
Christian and Muslim leaders in Nigeria welcomed a controversial law that bans same-sex marriages and imposes a 14-year jail term for homosexual relations. On Monday (Jan. 13), President Goodluck Jonathan signed into law the Same-Sex Marriage Prohibition Act, which parliament passed in May. The law follows a similar one passed in Uganda in December, which imposes life imprisonment for some types of homosexual acts.
The Washington Post

The Church of ‘Yeezianity’ Is a New Religion That Worships Kanye West
“Yeezianity” is either an actual new religion that considers rapper Kanye West to be its “savior” or a hilarious and elaborate art project that almost approaches the brilliance of West’s work. Either way, the “Church of Yeezus” has a very comprehensive website, which presents the religion as an “anonymous group who believes that the one who calls himself Yeezus is a divine being who has been sent by God to usher in a New Age of humanity.”


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