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Study Suggests That Spirituality Is Key To Kids’ Happiness

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“If spirituality enhances happiness by increasing personal meaning, this may suggest strategies to enhance happiness. For example, strategies aimed at enhancing personal meaning in children’s lives may promote happiness. Future studies could have children engage in activities that might promote personal meaning. For example, children might volunteer to help others or record their contributions to the community in a journal. Then changes in happiness and personal meaning before and after these activities could be compared. If personal meaning is critical to happiness, one might see that these activities particularly enhances happiness for those children who showed increases in personal meaning.”
Collective Evolution

‘Spiritual but Not Religious’: A Rising, Misunderstood Voting Bloc
Spirituality is a big story in politics. Maybe as big a story as religion. It’s been more than a decade since evangelicals helped George W. Bush win the White House, and we’ve gotten used to the idea of the “values voter,” of religion as a political force. But while the evangelical bloc seems to have frayed a bit and liberal mainline religion continues to lose influence, another major religious category is gathering force and deserves politician and pundit attention—the “spiritual but not religious” vote.
The Atlantic

Where religion and euphoria meet
As Amdavadis will be busy scanning the azure skies dotted with colourful kites, appropriately called shiroshi or birds of paper in Japanese, today the enthusiasts might be disappointed if they time-travel 300 years back and see no action at all on the city streets.
The Times of India

Faith and life
The modern individual has been crumbled into pieces mentally and spiritually. What will bring that individual to a holistic perspective is a critically verified faith. Thus many things in his life will change.
The Pen

A basic, but tough religion question: What is faith?
This is the simplest yet perhaps most difficult question in the brief history of “Religion Q and A.” Not the sort of thing journalists usually write about, but The Guy can at least report on what some thinkers have said about this. Start with Merriam-Webster definitions:
(1) “strong belief or trust in someone or something.”
(2) “belief in the existence of God: strong religious feelings or beliefs.”
(3) “a system of religious beliefs.”
Get Religion

On Faith and Data
As a scientist with a brain naturally inclined to skepticism and analysis, I suppose my spiritualism may be best captured by: Keep the faith, but get the data. While some of my fellow skeptalytics, if I may coin such a term to catalog us, may be inclined to renounce that first clause altogether, thinking there is no need for faith, I am obliged to disagree.
Huffington Post

Keeping the faith – Photographers’ Blog
Covering the grand procession of the Jesus of the Black Nazarene is not easy, even though I do it annually. Every year on January 9, millions of devotees crowd the streets as a life-sized, dark, wooden sculpture of Jesus Christ carrying the cross is brought through Manila’s old city.

American ‘faith healer’ Benny Hinn cancels Bangalore visit
American evangelist and faith-healer Benny Hinn has cancelled his visit to Bangalore amidst protests by Hindu groups, who were all against Hinn holding his mission in the city, alleging that the evangelist’s “hidden agenda” was to convert people to Christianity. Additional Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Kamal Panth told news agency PTI that though organisers had earlier said he would be coming; the police had recently received a letter with names of pastors attending the programme, which did not mention Hinn’s name.
The Indian Express

Rangayana tries to redefine religion in the backdrop of Mysticism
Current turmoil in the social field and rising sense of communalism in the peoples mind seems to have attracted the attention of theatre artists forcing them to discuss the issue in detail at the seven day 11th edition of Bahuroopi the national theatre festival being organized here by Rangayana a theatre repertory run by the government. In addition to this organizers in their bid to give a broader outlook to the issue of secularism have tried to re-define the religion from the view point of the Sufi saints who tried to wean away people from religion towards mysticism.
The Times of India

Spirituality and Heavy Metal? Oh, Yes
I’ve covered a lot of shows and interviewed a lot of bands, actors, comedians, spiritual teachers and so forth and rarely do I get caught up in the whole starstruck thing, but I mean, this was Lemmy… a metal god among metal gods. Anyway, an interesting thing happened within a minute or so of Motörhead’s first song (after getting over my fan boy nerd-out of course) when I noticed Lemmy’s Rickenbacker bass. It was a model I’d never seen him use before and it was insanely gorgeous. It had an all-natural wood finish that was complimented by a beautiful, hand carved leaf inlay, which decorated the entire body of the bass.
Huffington Post


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