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In a culturally diverse India, its New Year all year round

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Five days into 2014 already, folks. If you’re one of those who’ve missed out on wishing ‘Happy New Year’ to somebody, worry not. Chances are, you can do so later this month, in March, April, in fact right up till December this year! After all, isn’t the New Year just another calibration on the calendar for Indians all over? In case you miss the Gregorian New Year on January 1, the next New Year may just be around the corner.

Premarital sex ‘immoral’, no religion permits it: Court
Premarital sex is “immoral” and against the “tenets of every religion”, a Delhi court has said while holding that every act of sexual intercourse between two adults on the promise of marriage does not become rape.
The Times of India

Family values & religion: India Inc reluctant to cash in on opportunities in non-veg market?
The headline was waiting to happen: ‘Reliance Retail Chickens out, turns Vegetarian’. For decades, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) has kept investors in good spirits by creating shareholder value through multi-billion dollar investments in core assets like refineries and petrochemical plants.
The Economic Times

Religion and Its Role in Human Life
Religion (din) is an all-round movement in the light of faith in Allah and a sense of responsibility for the formation of thought and belief, for the promotion of high principles of human morality for the establishment of good relations among members of the society and the elimination of every sort of undue discrimination. Keeping in view this definition, our need for religion and religious teachings is absolutely clear. To be a little more elaborate, it may be said that we require religion for the following reasons:
AhlulBayt Islamic Mission

African Americans and Religion
It baffles me to no end how blacks can practice a religion introduced to us by slave masters and used to justfiy slavery. I am so passionate about it that I cannot have any respect for black Christians. I think they are so stupid that it has caused me to not have any connection with the black community because church is such a central part of it.  How are atheists who are more open minded manage to keep the peace?
Secular News Daily

After a schism, a question: Can atheist churches last?
The Sunday Assembly was riding high. The world’s most voguish — though not its only — atheist church opened last year in London, to global attention and abundant acclaim. So popular was the premise, so bright the promise, that soon the Sunday Assembly was ready to franchise, branching out into cities such as New York, Dublin and Melbourne. “It’s a way to scale goodness,” declared Sanderson Jones, a standup comic and co-founder of The Sunday Assembly, which calls itself a “godless congregation.”

Is Judaism Past or Future?
I think that what is so unique and meaningful about the Jewish religion is that while we keep creation and revelation burning brightly and strong, we are focused primarily on redemption. Theologically, we are focused on cultivating and taking the light of Or Bereishit and Or Sinai. We then utilize these lights to ultimately move us toward Or Mashiach – a redeemed soul, a redeemed Torah, a redeemed society, and a redeemed G-d, so to speak.
The Jewish Press

Sikhs to observe their 10th Guru’s birth anniversary
People from the community will start the celebrations from Sunday. The Sikh community in Belapur will organise a ‘parbhat pheri’ (early morning processions observed right before gurpurab) on Sunday. The companions, or the sangat who are part of the parbhat pheri, will recite Gurbani kirtan (religious songs).
The Times of India

Why is Mulayam Singh Yadav hacking his own support base?
The assumption behind the question is fairly straightforward. With the decline of the Congress in Uttar Pradesh, the state’s substantial Muslim population turned to Mulayam as its Messiah. Then why is he alienating his vote bank in Muzaffarnagar with such diligence? To begin with, how did he become a leader of Muslims?
India Today

Fear of insecurity haunts Hindu voters
Hindu voters in different places including Patgram in Lalmonirhat district and Kalaroa upazila in Satkhira district have expressed doubts whether they can go to polling centres and cast votes peacefully today as fear of insecurity still haunts them against the backdrop of Jamaat-Shibir men’s recent attacks on the community.
The Daily Star

Samajwadi Party government conspiring to take over the land of Muslims: MBMC
Millat Bedari Muhim Committee (MBMC) of Aligarh Muslim University has lambasted the Akhilesh Yadav government of conspiring to take over lands of Muslims displaced in the Muzaffarnagar riots. MBMC secretary Jasim Mohammad said that the state government was forcing the displaced Muslims to submit affidavits for not returning to their homes. Mohammad said this was a conspiracy of the Samajwadi Party to take possession of their homes and lands.
The Times of India

Despite harsh rule over Tibet, Tibetans’ spirit only grows stronger
“We have quite a number of Tibetans from Tibet here and we’re meeting in a free country. People in Tibet continue to hope that those in exile will not forget them. It’s been 54 years since we came into exile and 64 years since 1949. And yet, the Tibetan spirit has not been subdued,” His Holiness said after completing his ten-day teachings in South India.
The Tibet Post

Converging faiths
Last month, a research grant provided by the Saarc Cultural Centre led us to a far away village in the Eastern hills  of Nepal, popularly known as Halesi, located in Khotang district. The field visit was aimed at learning the significance of the Halesi Mahadev, which is a religious centre and draws a large number people from different ethno-cultural backgrounds. Halesi is considered an abode of deities of three major religious faiths—Hinduism, Buddhism and Kirat dharma—along with several local cults and traditions.

Muslims shower petals on RSS march at Jabalpur
On September 15, scores of burqa-clad women showered rose petals at chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan’s Jan Ashirvad Rath as it swept past Raddi Chowki – a predominantly Muslim-dominated pocket in old city. On Saturday, Muslims at Damoh Naka, barely a stones throw away from the Chowki did it again.
The Times of India

When religion conflicts with football
On Saturdays, Jews celebrate their Sabbath. For Christians, their holy day is Sunday. On the first two weekends in January, the National Football League have their playoff games on both days. What is a person to do when religion and football collide?
The Washington Times

Faith is Something That You Become
Faith is something which is within you. It is your quality. It is something that you become, not something that you believe in. Faith is just a deep falling back into the Existence. You as a person have fallen apart, you have just become like a simple little wave with the Existence. You understand and you experience that you are just a brief happening here. This moment the wave is up, the next moment it will be down. It is not an intellectual understanding, it is a living experience that you just see yourself as a small outcrop of this earth. When you are like this as a living experience, then you are faith. Until then there is no point talking about faith.
The New Indian Express


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