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The tussle between Science and Religion

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The word “religion” is often used, rather effectively, to demonize a category of people who hold a strong conviction about something heavenly or metaphysical and propose to translate that belief into action. Time and again the world has witnessed the conflicts between Science and Religion. Irrespective of the progress we have made in Science, many sections of the society still deem religion to be above all other things. In fact, more than often, scientific ideas have posed a direct challenge to the religious sentiments of many people.
The Indian Economist

Politics of development without Hindus’ safety unacceptable: VHP
The stand was made clear by Pravin Togadia, international working president of the VHP, who is here for a three-day meeting of board of trustees and governing council. He said that the VHP in its meetings with more than 450 MPs from different parties in the last six months has made clear that every political party must give priority to education, health, employment, security and self respect for Hindus including a commitment to build Ram temple at Ayodhya.
The Times of India

50 Great Myths About Atheism
On second thought, maybe 50 sounds like overkill. Surely half a dozen, or 10 at the most, would suffice. Do we really need to challenge the “myth” that the courts recognise atheism as a religion or that atheism is only for an educated elite? I don’t think these are real controversies and that is really the problem with this book – it is preaching, if not to an empty church, then to one filled entirely with fellow theological scofflaws. Vicar Blackford and his excellent organist Mr Schüklenk can lift their fellow spirits to a fine chorus of All Things Godless and Beautiful, but no one is going to be persuaded by any of their 50 carefully constructed mini-debates. Clearly that is not their purpose.
Times Higher Education

7 Ways Christians Should Behave Online
I have had an online ministry for over 15 years. God has humbled me with the way He has chosen to use this influence He has given me. I try not to take it for granted. One thing that has changed since I began ministering online…and it’s changed for all of us…is the rise of social media. Whether you believe it’s a good addition or not, we cannot deny it’s impact on culture or even on the church. Personally, I have chosen to use it for good as much as possible.
Ron Edmondson

2013 Top Fatwas
Religious studies and views, like other areas of people’ lives, have interacted with various events and human concerns. OnIslam Fatwas have drawn very high rates of viewership throughout the year 2013. I’d below highlight 2013 top fatwas and analyze people’s major juristic inquires and concerns so as to encourage further studies and in-depth works on such significant areas:
On Islam

Ian Barbour dies at 90; academic who bridged science-religion divide
For Ian Barbour, the deadly possibilities of the Atomic Age raised questions that science couldn’t answer — a perplexing situation for a young physicist after World War II. He responded to the challenge in an unusual way: After completing his doctorate in physics he enrolled in divinity school and forged a career devoted to bridging the chasm between science and religion.
Los Angeles Times

Meditation, mindfulness and mind-emptiness
Ever been unable to sleep because you can’t switch off that stream of thoughts that seems to flow incessantly, mercilessly through your head? When your mental noise distracts you from the task at hand, makes you forget why you walked into a room, or keeps you awake at night, you’re a victim of what is known in the East as “the monkey mind”. It is this thought stream that, according to Eastern tradition, is the source of much of our modern day stress and mental dysfunction. So, what can you do about it?
The Conversation


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